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pyChelsea is a Python based personal cataloging proxy. It catalogs pages that you have visited. You can browse or search the catalogs. Results are returned from most recently viewed to the oldest pages.


Enter in the word(s) to search for in the catalogs. All words entered are assumed to be required.
The search is very simplistic, assuming a boolean AND of all words listed in the search field. There are no wild cards, per se, as note will return hits for Note, Notes, Notebook, etc. All fields (URL, Title, and Body) )are searched. Results are returned from newest catalogs to oldest. Hits within a catalog are from oldest to newest. All hits return a Title that is linked to the page and the first 50 characters of the URL in a second field.

Configuration Settings

Command line options override values specified in the configuration file (config.dic).
All config changes are persisted between proxy sessions.


The catalog link gives information on the number, date and size of catalogs.
You can list the contents of any given catalog by clicking on the filename. You can delete a catalog by clicking on the "delete catalog" link.
The ReApply Rules to ALL catalogs link will retroactively apply any ignored site settings that may have been created after the fact. It is handy if you discover that you are cataloging some pages that you don't want and would like to thin out your catalogs.